Jenna Robinette
WebTVAsia 網羅大明星- EP08 美聲女神「LARA梁心頤」俏皮登場!什麼任務讓他連續挑戰7次都失敗?!


Music videos, short films, video content, etc.

WebTVAsia 網羅大明星- EP08 美聲女神「LARA梁心頤」俏皮登場!什麼任務讓他連續挑戰7次都失敗?!

Taiwan's Carpool Karaoke 

BOX112 Lara梁心頤/Where do we go│Soul Live Box 台灣原創現場

Style for Lara

【Lara梁心頤 ft. Troutfresh (違法)】Where Do We Go: SOUL REMIX 官方Video

Wardrobe for Lara, Troutfresh, and the band. 1930s style

【Lara梁心頤】Where Do We Go (中文版) 官方Official Music Video

Press Conference: Lara梁心頤Where Do We Go發片記者會

Ghost Story 鬼故事 - UATW Photo Shoot 照片拍攝 - Behind the Scenes 幕後

Ghost Story photoshoot with Up Against The Wall, director Salvator Brown

She Stares at the Ceiling - Trailer

Wardrobe consultation

S.H.E [迫不及待 Can Not Wait] Official Music Video 《2013台灣颩燈會形象主題曲》

Costume Design for True Spin Fire Group dancers

亞洲流行天后 蔡依林 Jolin Tsai《Queen of Stage:MUSE》Live@第25屆金曲獎頒獎典禮

Costume design for the fabulous queens dancing with Jolin

TS火舞團 電幻雷射秀 20秒DEMO

LED Costume Design for 12 True Spin dancers, this is their demo